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I have always been inclined toward meaningful work in an area of interest to me—but more importantly, work that speaks to my soul and enriches my life. As such, I found myself in the Jungian community very early on as I explored the far reaches of my unconscious and examined who I was in the world. 

After several years of collaboration in all aspects of a small but significant arts collective in Chicago and more than 30 years of creating and holding programs in the fields of Jungian and Depth Psychology, I have decided to continue the work independently. I am now searching for just the right projects. 

Having been immersed in these communities for so long, I have a unique perspective and understanding for what lies at the heart of what is being created and how that needs to be communicated and held. I take projects from concept to fruition with extraordinary care and attention to detail and aesthetics. The space I help to create and hold for community to come together allows for the possibility of deep and sometimes profound experience. Collaborating with people who have a vision and the desire to bring it to life is what I love to do. 

I look forward to hearing from you if you resonate with my work and have an idea and a desire to manifest.

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