here are some ideas

If you are an analyst, educator, author, or have a special area of interest that you want to share with people, consider a lecture, workshop, seminar, retreat, or a multi-session program over a period of time.

If your work coincides with a place where being there enhances the theme of the program, consider an educational travel program, such as the trips with Chris Downing and Evans Lansing Smith, with lectures along the way.

Perhaps you are ambitious or part of a group or organization and imagine a symposium or conference around a theme with multiple presenters.

I have coordinated six programs at Eranos over the years, three of them week-long workshops and three of them as part of a more extensive program around the work of Jung. The latter began in Zürich with the group visiting important places associated with Jung and ended with a week of lectures at Eranos. I am asked over and over if something like this will ever happen again. My colleague, Robert Hinshaw, and I may be interested in exploring some version of this with an institution or group who would be drawn to the idea and willing to sponsor it.

From urban areas to secluded retreat centers, possible locations are endless. Maybe you would like to do something in your own locale or perhaps there is a venue you always wanted to experience.

Over the years I have done programs in all sorts of formats that suit the material and in all kinds of locations—locally, nationally, and internationally.

I have some favorite places that you might consider, such as

  • Eranos in Ascona, Switzerland, a villa on Lake Maggiore in the Ticino region frequented by C.G. Jung and others

  • Hotel Santa Fe, a warm and intimate Native American owned hotel in downtown Santa Fe

  • Truchas Peaks Place, a retreat center in Truchas, New Mexico owned by a Jungian analyst

  • Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center in Abiquiu, New Mexico, known for its stunning landscape and connections to Georgia O’Keeffe

  • Sebasco Harbor Resort on the sea at the end of a peninsula in southern Maine