this is what I do

Take the First Steps

  • Talk with you about your ideas, reflect on the possibilities, and help define your project

  • Discuss marketing strategies, timing, formats, and possible locations

  • Discuss my fees and how they are built in to the budget for the program or charged by the hour for consulting work

  • Create a custom proposal for your particular project, and if accepted…

Develop the Program

  • Guide the process and timing of production

  • Create a working itinerary/schedule

  • Determine location(s)

  • Negotiate terms and agreements with the venue(s)

  • Negotiate terms and agreements with vendors regarding audio visual needs, transportation, group meals, and accommodations

  • Handle all communication and arrangements with invited presenters

  • Procure continuing education credit for psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical professional counselors, licensed mental health counselors, and nurses if the program and presenters qualify

Handle the Financials

  • Create a comprehensive projected budget, determine the registration fee, and monitor the budget throughout process

  • Open a business checking account specifically for the program to contain all income and be the source for payment of expenses

  • Handle cancellations and refunds

  • Provide a complete accounting of all income and expenses

  • Transfer surplus income to you at the completion of the project

promote the Program

  • Create copy for promotional materials be used on my website, presenter’s website, in email promotion, in printed materials

  • Create website pages, promotional email, printed flyer, etc.

  • Facilitate distribution of promotional materials

  • Post complete information about the program on my website with ability to register and accept credit card payments securely online

Work with Participants

  • Handle all inquiries from potential participants about the program

  • Accept registrations and payments

  • Create and send confirmation materials

  • Handle ongoing communications with participants

manage Logistics and Implementation

  • Coordinate all arrangements regarding meeting facilities, housing, transportation, meals, etc.

  • Be onsite for the program to hold the space—handle all presenter needs, participant business, venue interface, and insure the timing and flow of the program