this is what it costs

There are two options for determining my fees.

If consulting, my fee is between $50-$75 per hour depending on the project.

If the project is a program scheduled in the future requiring long-term planning and production, I recommend a flat fee that is dependent on the project and request that the fee be pro-rated over the months of the work leading up to the event. This would include all services from the beginning planning stage through the event itself. In addition, travel, accommodations, and meals are included in the budget.

The objective is to budget well and produce a surplus. The budget would include an honorarium for you as a presenter with the understanding that any surplus is also yours. The budget would generally include all income from registrations, cancellation fees, and any other fees collected as well as these expenses: honoraria, travel, accommodations, meals, venue fees, transportation services, audio visual services, guides, printed marketing materials, continuing education credit fees, credit card processing fees, and wire transfer fees if applicable. In the rare circumstance that a program would have to be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, health, or other unforeseen circumstances, my services would be suspended once the final tasks of notification, refunds, and closure is complete. While it is anticipated that the program will be successful and the client would receive the generated surplus, the client is also responsible for any possible deficit.