Your capacity to bring community together is not a skill—it is a quality that you were born with. 
—Malidoma Somé, West African Elder

The richness, wisdom, creativity, heart, collaborative spirit, incredible talent and more that you bring to your work and be-ing has always inspired and amazed me. I love collaborating with creative, soulful people with a vision, bringing the body, psyche, soul, community, and ecological elements together in lived, embodied ways that involve collaboration, integration and reflection. You are a maestro and such a pleasure to know and to work with!  The depth, integrity, and excellence you bring to all that you do gives me deep confidence in what will unfold for you! 
— Tina Stromsted, Jungian Analyst, International Teacher, and Author

Your support and engagement with depth psychology and the arts is the foundation for a deeply meaningful and elegantly presented experience.  You are a molder of clay, a painter of ideas, and a master at bringing together vision and matter.  What you create through collaboration, a dedication to excellence, and your engagement and joy in the creative process becomes a unique and memorable experience for everyone involved.
— Kathryn Brown, Distinguished Professor Emeritus  and Psychotherapist

I have worked with Toni D'Anca on many public programs during the decades I taught at Pacifica and we have become close friends over the years of collaborating. The reasons for our friendship and Toni's extraordinary work ethic are numerable—her fierce attention to detail; her careful orchestration of every project in which she thinks of things many of us would miss; she puts her soul into her work and achieves first rate results with great heart; she sculpts every program into a work of art to nourish all who present and participate; and she keeps a sense of humor about herself that benefits all who work with her.
I could go on. . . .

—Dennis Patrick Slattery, Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Author

I have had the great good fortune and joy of working with Ton’ D’Anca on two amazingly successful tours—one to the classical sites in Sicily and the other, Exploring Freud’s World to the Czech Republic, Austria, and London. We have become soul sisters. Now we are joining up on yet another project, a trip to Turkey in May 2020. None of this could have happened without Toni, without her enthusiastic commitment, her creativity, and her competence.
—Christine Downing, Professor of Mythological Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute and author of The Goddess