Pre-Conference Workshops


both pre-conference workshops are offered:

Thursday, November 1 FROM 9:00 am-3:30 pm
5 Continuing Education Credits
for Psychologists for the deborah egger workshop only

Our Work is Never Done:
Honesty in Ourselves

Deborah Egger


The world’s trials and tribulations necessitate a greater focus and articulation about our responsibilities as conscious people, especially those of us who are therapists and leaders. This can happen by exploring Wisdom and what it means to be wise today, the Collective Unconscious and our relationship to it, and what relevance our own Individuation has on our lives and others. In order to truly face honesty in ourselves we must understand the archetypal roots of ‘trust and betrayal’’ cycle in the psychic life. Using film clips, excerpts from memoirs, a fairy tale, and other readings this workshop will delve into the complexity of being whole persons in today’s world. This pre-conference workshop will explore the interface of conscious and non-conscious experience, both in the individual and the collective. We will examine the multiplicity of the dialectic process between consciousness and non-consciousness in the individual and then juxtapose this in relationship to the inner and outer worlds of experience. We will work toward defining our individual myth, examining what it means to be whole men and women in this new age of relatedness. A small amount of pre-workshop guided self-reflection and preparation will be asked for once you have registered for the workshop.

Workshop Objectives
This workshop will focus on (1) gaining insight into the dialectic process between consciousness and non-consciousness in each individual; (2) learning more about integrating our own shadow-aspects; and (3) defining our own individual myth and its inherent responsibility. 

Balance and Integrity in the Time of Chaos: Finding Wisdom Stories in the Body-House


Zuleikha not only walks her talk, she dances it. Through her artistry, she raises the integration of body, mind, and spirit to a new level. Her style and her teaching inspire individuals to achieve levels they were not aware they could reach. In Zuleikha, art and healing unit.—Larry Dossey, M.D.


In these times of slander, chaos, and disturbance, we find ourselves walking around in a field of immense psychosocial distress. This workshop is an opportunity to rediscover balance within ourselves. In order to connect in a positive way with others we need to experience a connection to our true nature—to discover the doorway to intentional integration in the midst our overwhelming emotions and thoughts. Storydancer and educator, Zuleikha, renowned for her Rumi Concert performances with Coleman Barks, will lead us into the domain of “how the body knows.” This is a chance to feel connection move through the body; to explore the way felt sense and intuition give meaning and understanding to the walk of life. No experience is necessary, only a willingness to explore. Dialogue, simple movement, and writing will be used to chart the unknown waters. As we look at the world out of balance, we can learn to experience integration, leading to an open heart and mind, and integrity in the time of chaos.

Workshop Objectives
This workshop will focus on (1) recognizing the way social trends affect the way we hold ourselves in the world; (2) identifying the body as compass for the way we view the picture, large and small; (3) participating in the examination of the study of enlivenment through transformation, using the body as the laboratory; and (4) re-educating the way we identify with the reaction of social commentary as it defines the way we move through life.