with Chris Downing

May 4-18, 2019

Prague  –  Pribor  –  Vienna  –  Salzburg  –  Bad Gastein  –  London


Throughout this trip we will have an opportunity to see the connections between the geographical and historical contexts of Freud’s life and the central themes of his theoretical vision. Beginning in the Czech Republic— where Freud was born and spent his early childhood—will lead naturally into consideration of his understanding of the lifelong impact of very early experience.

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Saturday, May 4    
We will begin in Prague with a Welcome Orientation and Dinner; Overnight at Hotel Golden Crown—modern design in a hundred year old palace.

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Sunday, May 5     
A tour of Terezin, the concentration camp where at least one of Freud's sisters died—which will help us recognize how radically the world in which Freud lived was ended by the Holocaust; Evening Lecture by Chris

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Monday, May 6     
Free Day in Prague; Explore the culture in Wenceslas Square, visit the Old Jewish Cemetery, sit in a cafe and enjoy the sights

Freud Birth House Pribor.jpg

Tuesday, May 7    
Bus to Pribor to visit Freud’s Birthplace; Overnight at Hotel Troyer surrounded by the Beskydy Mountains; Group Dinner

Wednesday, May 8          
Bus from Pribor to Vienna, where Freud lived for almost 80 years; three nights at Hotel Regina, offering elegant traditional Viennese hospitality; Evening Lecture by Chris; Group Dinner

Freud Museum Vienna.jpg

Thursday, May 9  
A Walking Tour of Vienna, sponsored by the Freud Museum Vienna; Go back in time in search of "Freud's Vienna" and visit places that played a key role in his life and daily routine such as the university he attended, the hospitals where he worked, and the cafes he regularly visited; Evening Lecture by Chris

Friday, May 10      
Free Day in Vienna, remembering that Freud's Vienna was also the Vienna of Wittgenstein, Schnitzler, Mahler, Klimt, and Schiele; Evening Lecture by Chris

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Saturday, May 11 
Bus to Salzburg; Overnight at Hotel Bristol, site of the First International Psychoanalytic Congress on April 27, 1908; Group Dinner

Sunday, May 12    
Free Day in Salzburg; Stroll along the Salzach River, immerse yourself in historic Salzburg; Evening Lecture by Chris


Monday, May 13 Bus to Bad Gastein, one of Freud’s favorite vacation sites where he and his family spent most of their summers and where Freud did much of his most important writing; Overnight at Villa Excelsior, a 19th Century mansion with views of the Gastein Valley, where Freud stayed; Evening Lecture by Chris; Group Dinner

Tuesday, May 14  
Bus back to Vienna; Overnight at Hotel Regina

Wednesday, May 15        
Fly to London, where Freud died 80 years ago, just after the outbreak of WWII; Three nights at The Morton Hotel in the heart of Bloomsbury overlooking the beautiful Russell Square; Evening Lecture by Chris; Group Dinner

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The Couch 1.JPG

Thursday, May 16
Visit the Freud Museum London, formerly Freud's home, with his antiquities, library, desk, and ‘The Couch’

Friday, May 17      
Free Day in London; Celebratory Gathering with Closing Discussion, Reception,  and Dinner at The Freud Museum London

Saturday, May 18 
End of Tour; Fly home!

Itinerary subject to change.
Photographs courtesy of Freud Museum London and Getty Images.